A growing number of industry leading companies are beginning to see the numerous advantages of supporting financial literacy for many of their stakeholders. Private sector clients are discovering that the tools of financial literacy can help their organizations accomplish objectives in a few key areas including:

Representative Private Sector Clients

Private SectorPrivate Sector

Developed a highly engaging financial education on-line simulation game for US college athletes which utilized findings from behavioral economics research and included facilitation materials for coaches. The program, called “Fiscal U”, was successfully rolled out to more than 1,600 postsecondary institutions in September 2013 and received strong positive feedback from the client and program participants.

Assisted Visa with various projects in Asia and with the US rollout of its “Financial Football” youth financial education program.

Created a blue print for a new approach to strategic philanthropy and advised on its implementation on behalf of one of the world’s top five credit card issuers. Analysis probed both strategic and tactical issues taking into account legal, regulatory, reputational, financial and operational factors.

Conducted and published original research on the barriers preventing financial advisors from tapping middle market consumers in the US. These insights were offered to help the organization’s members better understand and cultivate a market segment critical to the industry’s growth.

Conducted multiple consumer education research projects as well as numerous comprehensive financial literacy program audits.

Created an online module on credit management for a start-up, peer-to-peer lender. The module was designed to be integrated with the borrowing process and to increase repayment rates.

*The proprietary nature of some of our work prevents us from disclosing the identity of selected clients and certain details of our engagements.