Alison Griffiths is a financial literacy leader in her native Canada and serves as Senior Advisor to The Financial Literacy Group. On behalf of the firm’s clients she utilizes her unique skills to financially educate households on a national scale.

Ms. Griffiths has a strong background in using multi-media channels to effectively develop and deliver financial literacy lessons. In particular she has the proven ability of developing financial education content that is compelling for a specific audience. For example, she has hosted niche television programs which have dealt with all aspects of personal finance, from its impact on relationships to issues of debt and investing. Additionally, she has authored popular books, columns and blogs on money.

Ms. Griffiths has advised clients on financial literacy content development focused on helping parents better explain financial topics to children. She has also designed and led national financial literacy campaigns through her service as a board member with Credit Canada Debt Solutions, a national charitable debt counseling and financial literacy organization.

Ms. Griffiths is a graduate of the University of Alberta.

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