Juliann Richardson is the Director of Finance and Business Development with The Financial Literacy Group. Ms. Richardson is responsible for managing the firm’s finances and for helping to identify business opportunities.

Before joining The Financial Literacy Group, Ms. Richardson served as a US Naval Officer where she oversaw a $55 million budget and managed schedules of 30 warships in support of 13 separate global events annually. She also implemented scheduling metrics which minimized port visit costs by over $2M in one year while coordinating 30 successful overseas port visits with foreign liaisons.

Beyond her financial duties in the Navy, Ms. Richardson supervised 35 sailors and senior enlisted and was responsible for carrier air wing operations in foreign air space with zero casualties. She was also certified and responsible for fighting the ship in a wartime environment.

Finally, during her five years of service in the Navy, Ms. Richardson counseled sailors on their personal finances in a number of ways including helping them to manage their debt and their credit scores, teaching them how to set and live on budgets, and increasing their knowledge of financial planning.

Ms. Richardson is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography.

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